My life on one page.

Some of the highlights:

- Currently pursuing an MSc in Management Information Systems & Innovation at the London School of Economics (LSE)
- Graduated from the Bachelor of Commerce program at the Quinn School of Business (University College Dublin)
- Received one of only six scholarships for exceptional academic achievement in my first year in UCD (top 1% of my class)
- Studied in LSE (UK), UCD (Rep. of Ireland), UBC (Canada), LSE-PKU (China), NTNU (Taiwan), NCU (Taiwan)
- World Business Dialogue 2013 student delegate
- Harvard Project for Asian and International Relaions (HPAIR) 2012 "Entrepreneurship" delegate
- Two independant high-school diplomas from Germany (Bavarian Abitur) and France (Baccalaureat ES)
- Fluent in 4 languages (German, English, French and Mandarin Chinese)
- Extensive work experience in various countries and industries

You can download the full resume as a PDF here.

STAUFEN AG is the leading German Lean Management Consultancy, specialising in process optimisation of manufacturing enterprises with focus on restructuring, turn-around, shop floor and quality management.

During a 3 months internship (summer 2013) at STAUFEN Shanghai, I worked on various optimisation projects in State-Owned and private enterprises in China's manufacturing sector.


Finanzchef24 is a content and liability insurance, as well as a bank account comparison tool for SMEs, which secured several million euro in seed and venture capital funds within its first six months of existence.

I was approached by Finanzchef24 to help out in a product launch preparation phase in Munich in January 2013. My role as part of the five person product development team was to write test scripts to cross-check thousands of calculated insurance and bank account rates and code the tariff calculation engine for ARAG, the second biggest liability insurer in the world. From the ground up I designed the algorithms that are used to determine content and liability tariffs and ensured the proper migration of the relevant data tables necessary for accurate calculation.

Dezan Shira & Associates provide services to foreign direct investors all across Asia. Some of these services are pre-incorporation, regulatory and tax advice over market entry, business incorporation and tax structuring, contractual advice and drafting, ongoing maintenance issues such as tax, accounting, transactions and compliance, in addition to legal and financial due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and related issues.

I worked as a Business Development Assistant in the Shanghai office of this foreign direct investment consultancy in summer 2012, drafting market entry, company setup and regulatory compliance plans for foreign enterprises entering the Chinese Market.


I also wrote several articles for the DSA in-house publication division Asia Briefing. You can find links to these articles here.

MACCON GmbH is a Munich based electronic engineering company, which specializes in developing custom-made electronic motors and controls, among a wide variety of other high-tech products for many leaders in automotives, aeronautics and other industries.

I worked for MACCON all throughout high-school on numerous projects from logistics, leads/order processing and other administrative work to technical design projects. Over the last few years I have been responsible for managing and maintaining the company and it's subsidiaries's websites, which feature information about the companies and their products, on hundreds of subpages in German and English.

I work closely together with a professional webdesign company (Handspiel) in order to maintain and upgrade design, layout and functionality of all sites. Furthermore I administer cyclical analyses of the technical content and ensure a timely update of outdated information.

Eyou International Cultural Exchange Center Beijing
During this summer internship I worked for the owner of a language school in Beijing, developing plans for future business ventures and did online marketing for the school. In a 3-months period I drafted extensive market entry and business plans for a luxury travel and a real estate agency.

06/2011 - 08/2011
Community Service in Taiwan
After graduating from high-school in 2008, I did a 12 months community service program (instead of the mandatory German military service) teaching English in a childeren's home and several schools in Chiayi City, Taiwan. I designed the curriculum and excercises myself for each of my classes (5-35 students).,

08/2008 - 07/2009

Crozdesk is a platform allowing users to rate, review and compare SaaS products and other web tools. It started off as a platform for design and development products and now features a wide array of services for startups, freelancers and SMEs alike.

The project initially started as a research project at the London School of Economics and Political Science and has been spun off to form Crozdesk Ltd.

My latest web-project is Startup, a cross-browser start-page that allows you to quickly access your most frequently visited links as well as in-site searches of popular websites.

One design goal for this website was to explore how new web-technologies, such as CSS3, can be leveraged to create a seamless, unobtrusive and elegant user experience.

The site features a range of functionality: doubleclick-to-edit, drag-and-drop, keyboard navigation, link search and in-site search (a la Chrome). Give it a try!
Startup currently only works well in Chrome and Safari. Firefox support will be added shortly.

Website: [in beta, use code GSB2013 to sign up]
For the Munich based MACCON GmbH I did extensive content management (using typo 3) for their over 200 subpages in 2 languages and have been supervising the design and implementation of most of their sites.

In high-school I helped them convert their old page content into this new and improved design and have been working on keeping the content and layout up-to-date ever since, as constant updating of technological content is crutial in this industry.


As PR and IT officer of the Olympic Handball Club and the International Student Society in UCD, I was responsible for all online communications and designed websites to present the club and society to prospective members and other stakeholders.

At the beginning of the academic year 2012/2013 we initiated an extensive social media campaign, which helped us more than triple our initial member base (of both the society and the club) compared to previous years.

Both sites are designed to be easily updatable and link to all social media channels. The ISS site integrates Google calendar, which streams updates by all committee members and features a signup form, which automatically adds new members to our html newsletter mailing lists.

Instead of using Adobe Flash, all animated elements are Java Script based and compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices - including the Apple iOS system.


Asia Briefing & Red Star Media Articles

One of Dezan Shira & Associates's subsidiaries is Asia Briefing Media. During my Internship at Dezan Shira & Associates in Shanghai I spend some time writing for the print and online business news publications of China Briefing. Below is a selection of articles I published:

- Investment Opportunities in China's Medical Industry
- The Disproportionate Rise of China's Real Estate Market (also pub. in Red Star)
- Entering the Chinese F&B Market - The San Gines Way (complete market analysis with interview; republished on various sites)


During my time in Taiwan I wrote a successful Blog about the German Civil Service program in Taiwan, with cultural, economic insights and personal experiences I had in Taiwan. Based on that blog I wrote a piece which was published on the largest German news site SPIEGEL Online:

- Mit dem Motorradhelm zum Feuerwerks-Inferno (German)

Investors & Entrepreneurship Society (UCD) 2012/2013

ENACTUS UCD President - Global Social Entrepreneurship Network


International Student Society PR & IT Officer (UCD) 2011-2013

For further information click here.


Olympic Handball Club PR & IT Officer (UCD) 2011-2013

For further information click here.


Elected Constituency Representative of the Athletic Union Council (UCD) 2011/2012

Links:, member list

Please find a selection of my recent logo, poster and other designs from projects I am working on below.

Enactus UCD Presidency

For a detailed overview of all the project I have been working on as part of my presidency please have look at this pdf.

McKinsey Venture Academy

For this competition I designed an animation video outlining our project.